Panel view extended – Problem with Changes to default language hook

Dear kirby community,
I have a problem in this plugin. I have a multilingual blog that consists of german and english language. The customer just wants the english Blog to be running on release, the german one to be released later. Due to the Website around the blog I had to set the default language to german.

Now I have “blog” page in normal translation mode and have two templates for the articles, one for each language. The plan was to use the Plugin with SingleLanguage option and use the hook to update only the german page.

Everything works fine, but when I enter the blog-article page in panel language english and update it, the hook does not seem to update the default language. The german content still stays the same.

Also it seems like I need a hook to display the german content of the page in the english route then?
Otherwise if an english .txt file is created the page will always display the english content. Or do I have to pick the german content in the template then?

A little side-notes:
I am using the actual Kirby version 3.8.2
My hooks actually look like this:

'routes' => [
        // BLOG ROUTES
            'pattern' => '/blog',
            'language' => 'de',
            'action' => function () {
            'pattern' => '/blog/(:any)',
            'language' => '*',
            'action' => function ($language, $any) {
                $page = page('blog')->index()->findBy('slug', $any);

                if (!$page) $page = site()->errorPage();
                return site()->visit(page($page));

Most of the stuff works as I was expecting, but the thing with the content from .de.txt and the update hook is what I am not able to get to run.

It would be awesome if someone was able to help me here. Thanks a lot and have a nice evening.

Best regards.