Panel UI element for kirby-queue plugin


i started using @bvdputte nice kirby-queue plugin convert uploaded (files) into other formats in the background! Thanks a lot for providing this work :slight_smile:

I am wondering if anybody already worked on a small panel UI like the one i saw for the former queue-for-kirby plugin (see Queue for Kirby).


to get an overview about the current state of the jobs. I thought about something like showing an inbox where the user get’s infos about the current upload and conversion (called inbox in my case). While a job runs an animated icon shall be shown and in case of an error (job in .failed it can be restarted from here).

Did anybody hat a similar requirement and found a solution already?

Thanks in advance for your hints, tips and help.

Best, Thomas

started to implement a jobs section to show to current job queues (thanks @bvdputte) in the panel. Currently struggling with the question how to refresh the section if new elements were added to the queues (which essentially means a yml-file has been created).

Showing the current jobs works but the view doesn’t get refreshed once a new job is added to the queue.

Any idea how i can trigger a “reload” @distantnative @texnixe ?