Panel refinements for content monkeys

Hi there!

I’m at the moment busy with entering loads of content into our next Kirby project. As there is some editoral work to do, I simply can’t write me a little import script to get the content of the old CMS. I have at the moment three wishes regarding the panel that would make heavily working with content much easier:

Create a sibling page
I have to create a lot of pages all on the same hierachical level. It would be much easier, if you could create a sibling of the current page right from the sidebar.
Currently you have to navigate to the parent page and create a new child.

Navigate between siblings
When you created a new sibling, it would be totally nice to navigate between those.

Keyboard shortcut for toggling visibility or toggle visibility for multiple pages
If have around 100 subpages (customer reviews) and now the all should go public. Do this with the panel is a little nightmare.

I believe all this is not possible yet or am I missing something?


No, all this is not possible yet.

I started to create a custom field recently that could be adapted to just create a new page, you can find it here if you want to have a go at it (it’s still in it infancy and primaryly intended to clone a post).

As regards visibility, you could do that programmatically instead (or create a custom field on the parent that triggers that).

And I guess you could also create a custom field to navigate between children (you mean some sort of prev - next buttons I guess?).

Ok, so there is nothing in-build, but there are workarounds.

Yes - I’m doing this right now. But when I imagine, that there is a non-coder sitting in front of the panel, entering much content, this won’t help him much.

Workarounds are okay for you and me, as we can help ourselves with a little PHP here and there, but I think there will be others filling up content or doing other cool content-stuff with kirby.

Thanks! I’ll have a look!

Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to say there should not be improvements. Just trying to show some alternatives that might be usable for as long as their are no native ways of achieving what you are looking for.

Navigate between siblings
When you created a new sibling, it would be totally nice to navigate between those.

As a workaround you could combine these plugins to get what you want:

Use one of these to setup a field quickly:

Inside the field you could use this:

Or you can code it yourself. :slight_smile:

Maybe this can help you;


…and those can come in handy;



There’s one issue with this: With visible pages the order matters. Kirby can’t decide that automatically, so the only thing it could do is to use the “zero” prefix (0- for all visible pages), but that won’t always work as order does indeed matter most of the time.

I forgot to mention, that the (now two) cases I recently had were subpages sorted by date. But I can see the problem if you offer the possibility to toggle multiple elements.[quote=“1n3JgKl9pQ6cUMrW, post:6, topic:4310”]
Maybe this can help you;


Thanks! That is quite good. But for some hundred subpages, it gets a little crowdy :smiley:

This looks promising too! I’ll give it a try! Thank you very much!

+1 for easy navigation between siblings…
Like some Previous / Next buttons in the panel.

There’s an issue on GitHub:
And there’s also a plugin for that: