Panel redirection for an empty page

Is it possible to redirect users in the panel to another page? Like the read: false option but instead of blocking the page send the panel user to another page.

For instance, I have a page where I only store files that are uploaded and accessed trough a files section in the home page blueprint. So if an admin uses the breadcrumb (s)he can access to this blueprintless page where I would like to redirect him/her to the home page.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @texnixe sorry for @ you here, do you know if this is possible? Best.

No, sorry, I don’t know. Quick & dirty: Hide the breadcrumb link via a custom Panel stylesheet.

Thanks, good idea, I will try :slight_smile:

I had the same requirement for my modules plugin because I use a container page that should not be directly accessible in the Panel. While I also hide the item in the breadcrumb via CSS, Kirby redirects to the parent page after deleting a child page so I needed a redirect. After some attempts to solve this with routes I finally wrote a very simple field that sets the window.location.href to the parent page.

Maybe you could adapt it to your needs?


Hey @ththanks a lot! I will check your solution now.

For others probably looking a solution, by the moment I managed to disable the button using the following in custom panel css.

nav.k-topbar-crumbs a.k-link[href$="+storage"] {
    opacity: .3;
    pointer-events: none;

replace “storage” for whatever are looking for to hide.

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