Panel Logout notification

It happens to me quite a lot, that I edit and write content in the panel, and when I want to save it minutes later, I am redirected to the login-page where I have to login again and all my changes are gone. This happens after a random amount of time (30 sec - 2 hours after last login). (And yes I tried to do everything “Panel Logout Issue”-Posts suggest, but the issue remains on a random basis).
So I train myself to copy the text into the clipboard every time before I save the page, because I never know if I am still logged in or already logged out. But at least when you edit more than one content field, this cannot be a permanent solution.

I think it would be good to have some kind of notification that telly you when you got thrown out.

Thanks for your suggestion. Does this even happen with a custom fingerprint?

I understand that this is a real issue and we will have a better implementation in Kirby 3.

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