Panel image minimal width

i am doing some image heavy site. The customer has lot of hires images i just want to be sure and force that they upload the big ones.

There is limit for max width and height. Is there some way i could enforce minimal width of image?


It seems you have to create your own field with validations to achieve that.

As suggested in the thread quoted by @Svnt, I’d prefer a custom validator (not sure if that’s even possible for file settings) or permissions rather than a custom field. A field does not prevent uploading of smaller images. Downside of permissions is that you would have to apply those rules to all roles, but after all it’s just copy & paste (and maybe you don’t have that many roles anyway).

Edit: Looking at the source code, size is not a validator, but an attribute of the Panel Files class, so the validator option will definitely not work, I think.

Sorry i could not find the previous thread.

Yeah well i like the workflow where there is place that you upload images to and take care of them (write caption, alt etc) and then use them somewhere.

I cant possibly check on field because the people would probably go mad. They would upload image, write its caption and alt… once they are ready they cant use it. Its antiworkflow.

Its almost better to have some images blurry than to have them clients mad.

It will have to do now.

Permissions will prevent uploading of images that are too small, they won’t interfere with the workflow.

How did you solve this? I want to do the same thing.

I didn’t. It has caused problems already so i gotta do something about it but it seems that user permissions are strange way to go about it (and i don’t know how to do it actually). Also i had no time to look into it yet.