Panel.file.upload hook not firing


I’m getting a bit desperate with Kirby hooks. I’d like to run my method on panel.file.upload but this hook is simply not being fired when I upload file. I also tried hooking into panel.file.* and all the other hooks(replace, update, rename…) are working as expected, the only issue is the upload one.

Has anyone run into the same problem?


Are you sure the file upload hook is definitely not fired? Could you please post your code?

At this point I’m trying just this:

  ], function($item) {
    $hookTriggered = $this->type;
    $test = 123;

And breaking it at the $test line to see what hook fired, and the panel.file.upload simply doesn’t

Here’s also an video to demonstrate what exactly I’m doing.

Hm, for me it works. I tested both with the debugger and by trying to write a file when the event is triggered. What is your Kirby version?

I was using 2.5.10 but after getting stuck at this problem I upgraded to 2.5.12 but the problem still persist. I’ve also tried to remove all the plugins and custom fields.

Hm, I also just tested in an existing project using my logger plugin (which logs all events to file and displays them in a Panel view) and the file upload got logged as well. Could you please test this in a fresh Starterkit? The message at the top is from a few minutes ago.