Panel: '+ Add' not showing if status is listed in page sections


I have a section, which I use in my site.yml:


type: pages
headline: Team
layout: list
template: team-member
empty: No team members yet
status: listed

The button is showing when status is all or unset but not when listed. Bug, feature or impossible otherwise?

Feature! Why? New items are always created as drafts. If your section doesn’t include drafts, newly created items would never show up in your section and you’d have a problem to remember their Panel URL to edit them.

You can also find this in the documentation:

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Thanks for the insight and the link. Wouldn’t it be great though if the initial page status was configurable via blueprint setting? There are definitely use cases where pages should be published instantly. Then the add button would make sense.

For these use cases you can use hooks or page models.

Having to use status “all” to add the add button wouldn’t hurt in this case, I guess. And if you really want to change the behavior of the pages section, you can always create your own. For general use cases, only adding the add button when drafts are allowed makes sense as it can otherwise easily lead to unwanted results if you are not careful and know what you are doing.

Just for the record, there is an issue about this topic in the ideas repo:

That’s what I meant. There are cases where pages are published instantly, accomplished via hooks. And then the mentioned confusion would not exist because they instantly appear in the list, hence there IS a use case for that ‘add’ button on ‘listed’ setting.