Pagination problem (always showing first page) after server move

I am a little embarrassed to say that I am still using Kirby 1.1.2 for one of my sites (which is the latest changelog entry, I thought I at least had made it to Kirby 2). I was meaning to update that page for ages, but oh well … some day.
Now I had to move the site to another, more up-to-date server (from Uberspace 6 to Uberspace 7) and it all should have been copied exactly. Everything works fine, apart from the pagination. The site in question is, and the different paginated sites are available at (there is a navigation button at the bottom), but no matter what I replace the X with, it always only shows the first page. There should be 10 different pages available, and in fact there were before the server move.
Now, I do not have the faintest idea what could cause this, so I don’t know where to look. The files were all exactly copied, so I’d assume some differences in the server settings? Newer PHP version, etc.

Here’s hoping someone might have an idea for a Kirby user of the first hour (or at least first version).

Hm, my guess is that you are now using an up-to-date PHP version with which Kirby 1 is not compatible. But I currently don’t have access to the Kirby 1 source code so cannot really have a look at what might be causing this, that version is just too old and no longer available on GitHub, at least I cannot find it.

Hello from Mainz to Mainz, btw.

Haha, amazing. Hello neighbour! :wave:

I guess it’s a good thing then I haven’t written more news posts in ages, so nobody wants to have a look at older pages …

I could upload the kirby folder of that installation to Google Drive or something like that if that’s okay (I guess there is a reason Kirby 1 is not on GitHub anymore) and helpful.

Yes, I could at least have a look to see if I can spot something obvious in the source code.

Alright, here it is:
Thanks for looking into it! But it’s no big deal if you don’t find anything obvious, it would just add a little to the pressure of finally building a new site or at least updating it.

Hm; I couldn’t find anything obvious that would cause this particular issue. But then I don’t even know your current PHP version.

Considering that Kirby 2 was released in 2014 and Kirby 3 almost 2 years ago, Kirby 1 is really very very outdated. We are currently at Kirby 3.4.4, with 3.5 around the corner. Sounds like it is time to update.

Okay, thanks anyway! I am using current Kirby for other projects, just never got round to updating it for this website. Guess, I’ll do that soon.