Pagination clean the files cache

I’ve setup the file cache and it work but I also see that all the cache is cleared when I visit a page with pagination like news/page:3. I don’t know how it’s possible :confused:

Kirby 3.4.4

return [
  'cache' => [
    'pages' => [
      'active' => true,
      'ignore' => function ($page) {
        return 'contact' === $page->id();

Update : it’s maybe not when visiting a page with pagination. I have no clue. I think also that all the caches is cleared when adding a news.

The cache is cleared whenever content is added or modified.

Ah! I thought that only the concerned files cache was cleared, not only all the files cache.

Since all content can basically be included anywhere (there is no 1:1 relation between folders and rendered pages), this would not be possible.

Ok I understand now. Thanks!
Another question, is it normal that all my images are regenerated too when updating a content?
The hash have changed, it take time when loading the news page and some image are not loading (it need a refresh).

The thumbs should not get regenerated, unless you change the page slug or the images themselves.

Uhm ok so I probably have a problem here. I’ve just disabled the cache and it’s seems better now. Maybe a conflict between media files regeneration and cache?

Hm, would have to test. Do the thumbs really get recreated or only the job files?

So uhm…
I found the issue and… :joy: It’s because when I Git push to my repository, Rsync through the Github Actions CI removed the public/media folder each time so that why I get too much “random” regeneration. Also the redactor was making some edit by the way.

Sorry :smiley: !