Pagination and blog template


Certainly an other basic question… Sorry in advance

Still learning how to use Kirby, I created a blog page with pagination.
Blog header shows an image in background I can choose with Selector, the H1 title of page and a slogan.

I was wondering how I can manage the header content in blog/page:2 - blog/page:3 etc… an be able to change the bg image, add for exemple H1Title blog --> page 2 and change the slogan

Thank you,

You can use the $pagination->page() method together with a conditional statement

If you don’t want to hard code it in your template, you would need separate fields for the slogans and background-images …

Thank you Texnixe,
It seems to be a little complicated for me for the moment, I think I’ll choose an other more simple option to manage the blog pages.