Pages field with icon if link

This is a modest suggestion. Sometimes it’s not clear we can click/or not to the header of a pages field. I’m mixing pages type with pagesdisplay inside my site.yml file, sometimes the header is clickable, sometimes not.

I would suggest to set a simple icon after the link, for example, the parent icon could suit.

You could set an icon after the headline yourself?

The headline only becomes a link if the headline links to the parent page of the listed children…

Yes I did it by adding this css to a custom panel css file :

.k-headline .k-link:after{content:'';width:1em;height:1em;display:inline-block;margin-left:7px;background-image: url();}

Just tought it could be implemented by default. But maybe it’s just me :wink:

If you’d like to see this, you’d better add it to the ideas’ repo. Here it will probably get lost.

BTW. If you don’t need a special icon, you can simply use an emoji in the blueprint after the headline

headline: Photography ↪︎
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Haha this is even smarter ! Didn’t think about that !
↵ is not interpreted as emoji, that will be my last word
Thank you Sonja !