Pages field returns empty

What I try to do:
Show a list of pages of the C on the panel start page (site.yml)

My apporach:
I’m using a pages field in the site.yml and try to show subpages of the type “C”:

    type: fields
        type: pages
        headline: My Topics
        status: all
        query: site.find('c')

The structure is as follows: A (parent) → B → C

No matter what I enter on query, it always returns empty, also with page.children, pages.find etc.

Am I missing something here? It also doesn’t work for other types, not only “C”, also doesn’t work with “B” e.g.

Do you really want a field here? If you want to show all subpages (vs. having a field to select some), a pages section would be the right approach.

A section doesn’t have a query option, though, but a parent property.

Your query doesn’t work, because site.find() will only find first level pages. So either use site.index.find('c'), or use‘a/b/c’)`.

thanks for your reply @moonwalk!

unfortunately iI still get no results: "no pages selected yet and when I click on it it says “Your query must return a set of pages”, no matter if I use site.index.find(‘a’) (b or c) or with‘a/b/c’)

is there anything else I need to make it work?

If the query returns an error, then the page you are trying to find doesn’t seem to exist.




The first only if the page in question is not a draft, will also find drafts.