Pages Field: Display children and grandChildren, but only listed

By default, the pages field lets the user select any page in a tree-view: It starts with top level pages and can be navigated down to grand children and futher. This is what I need, but I want to limit the selectable pages to listed ones. I found a way to use the query like

type: pages
query: children.listed

but this disables grand children selection. Is there an other way?

You can use site.index.listed.

The downside of the query option is that the tree view gets lost and you get a flat list. If you don’t want the complete index, you can create a custom collection and query that.

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Is there a way to use a specific page as a starting point while keeping the tree view (children and grandchildren of that page) intact?

I think as soon as you use a query, you just get a flat collection. There is no option to set a different starting point at the moment.

Edit: there is a related ideas issue:

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