Pages and not pages?

I have copied and modyfied the notes to news with some changes for showing or better not showing the cover. Here i have also copied some of my news from the demo. When i watch these news in the panel i can use the blocks to fill them with life.

But …

I also have home, infos, something_else added to y navigation, but i cant use the blogs, i only can use a textfield. It seems i could add pages to these whatever i have created here.

in /content/ i have


inside i have
/2_news/all_my_news_files.php and news.txt

in /site/templates i have

i can click myself to
/ to see home.php
/info to see info.php

but what should i do to add blocks to this /info/whatever_here_is

or do i need a page under that content/3_info?

While i work (and program) a lot with forums, i am used with categories, threads, posts, comments, likes …
I can think in this world of parts and structure.

But here i dont understand, what it is:

Notes is a category, but also a page holding many note(s). But what is /content/3_info? I can see a page under /info, but as said, i cant add blocks to it.
And that’s what i want.

In normal php, i would have:

Please explain me how to add blocks to these page /info

or if i need to add an index.php here.

Another problem:
When i see my pages and click “add”, i got:

“basename() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given”

So i have something wrong somewhere?
Probably in site.yml?

There i have something like:

title: Site

    type: pages
    create: default
        - home
        - info
        - something
        - default

Create an info.yml page blueprint with a blocks field. See about.yml in Starterkit for an example (it uses a layout field instead of blocks, but you should get the idea).

I have there “default.yml”
So i need to add a “page_name.yml” for every page?
I will try …

Ok; here i do things like:
create:false => there should be no pages under this page/dir.

but how to say: allow_blocks?

Blocks are a field type