Page sorting in panel with flipped order

Hi there,

in a current project I’ve a page that lists projects based on standard manual sorting.
On the page itself I flip the order to have the latest added project (which gets the highest number on publish by default) at first.

In the panel, though, the order is reversed showing the lowest number on top. I want to change that 1) to reflect the order of the front-end page and 2) because I find it easier to have recently added stuff on top, as it is rather subject to change than older projects/posts.

I could change it by adding flip: true to the pages blueprint, but then I’m losing manual sorting. Why is that?

I still can change the sort order by clicking the status and give it a different number. So why is the manual drag’n drop feature gone, then?

Is there a different way to just change the displayed order? If not, it would also help to change the default number given to a new published page (giving it number 1 instead of the highest possible).


Unfortunately, there is no option to enable this feature.

Maybe add this as a feature request to

I had a quick look if it would be enough to make changes in the PHP part, but that would mess up the drag & drop sorting, so a custom section would also require changes on the Vue side of things.