page('nameofpage')->hasImages() not working?

The title says all, page('nameofpage')->hasImages() seems to not working, nor page('nameofpage')->images()->first()->thumb(['width' => 1440, 'height' => 600, 'crop' => true])->url()

Is that correct ? How can I achieve the test hasImage on another page that the current page ? (Or display first image of a “remote” page ?)

Thank you

No, that should actually work. Do you get an error message?

I can’t reproduce it, it was a warning (not a fatal error) like “you can’t call function hasImages on this object”. It seems all good now, maybe a problem with my content ? (as it’s the only tjing I changed)


Maybe “Call to a member function hasImages() on a non-object”?
Then you maybe renamed the page. This error appears if the page you queried does not exist.

No it was not that, and I check the name multiple times. It was a non blocking warning relative to kirby core (if I can recall) with reference ton core and double colon like “warning get::foubar hasImages blabla”

I’m so sorry for my useless message, I change a lot of stuff and can’t reproduce it. I think it’s nothing, or just relative to my content.

Alright. You are welcome to reopen this in case you get the error again. :slight_smile: