Page Move not executed in multi language setup



I’m having issues with $page->move() in a multi language setup:

kirby()->hook('', function($page, $oldPage = null) {



This works fine if I create a new page in the default language of the site. The page is moved as it should. If I switch to a different language in the panel and create a new site however nothing happens. There are also no exceptions from the move function. It seems as if the function is not called at all.

Is this a bug?

Kind regards,


Hm, have to look into this, will be on the road now but come back to this later.


Sorry, I’m late, almost forgot about this open topic because of other stuff.

I can confirm this doesn’t work, but that is probably intended behaviour, because the UID of a page is defined by the default language page. If you really need this, you could probably use a toolkit method instead, i.e. dir::move() instead of $page->move().

Just on a side note, the hook only takes one parameter, no $oldpage (but that is not connected to the current problem).


Ok, thank you!
I think I can work with this and try a few things. :slight_smile:


I tested something, and came up with this:

kirby()->hook('', function($page) {
  $lang = $page->content()->language();
  $page = page($page->uri());
  $uri = $page->uri();
  ], $lang);
  $this->panel()->redirect('pages' . DS . $uri . DS . 'edit');


Looks a bit ugly but seems to work.


Thank you!
Seems to work on my side as well.