Overwrite default block Vue

Is it possible to overwrite the Vue component for a default block?
I’ve been through the docs and all I can seem to see is reference for overwriting block blueprints and snippets. Have I missed something or would it be a case of duplicating the default files in a plugin?

Yes, you can do that, see Blocks | Kirby CMS

You can either overwrite the existing component for the block type, or you create a new preview and reference it in the block yaml (i.e. overwrite the default block blueprint with one which defines a different preview)

Is it just a matter of calling my block plugin the same as the default one - code, gallery, heading etc to overwrite it?

It’s a matter of calling the preview the same as the default one if you want to overwrite it.

Do you mean in the index.js?
Change button to code, gallery, heading etc?

panel.plugin("your-project/button-block", {
  blocks: {
    button: `
        placeholder="Button text …"
        @input="update({ text: $event.target.value })"


Ahh, it’s all starting ti make sense now. Thanks @texnixe