Options type API not working

Hi, I have updated to Kirby 3.9 and I have a Nationality custom field for the users blueprint as follows:

  label: Nacionalidad
  type: select
  translate: false
    type: api
    url: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Dinuks/country-nationality-list/master/countries.json
    text: "{{ item.en_short_name }}"
    value: "{{ item.en_short_name.slug }}"

But the select only gets the latest item:

This is the JSON I’m using:

I’m missing something?

This issue is supposed to be fixed in 3.9: OptionsApi: Fix usage without query, add support for simple arrays by lukasbestle · Pull Request #4987 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub

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I’ve used it with Query too and, naturally, another JSON but with the same output.

The slug part seems to be the problem. If you remove it, it should work

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Yes, now it’s working!
If I may, why is .slug a problem? It’s in the docs

Yes, I know, I was trying to test if it works with the other example in the docs but ran into a certificate issue instead.

So the slug bit not working might be a bug or the docs not correct.

Or did it work in a prior version? Then it would be a regression…

Yes, over 3.7 it was working fine

Could you please create an issue on GitHub then? Thanks!

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