Only show one level of parent

I’m using

	$breadcrumb = '';
	     foreach($result->parents()->flip() as $parent) {
	     echo  $parent->title()->html(). ' » ';


The issue is that it shows the whole family like this

Airline » Airline List » D » Delta »

I just want to show the parent. Delta.

1 level. Any thoughts or idea.



$breadcrumb = '';
     foreach($result->parents()->first() as $parent) {
     echo  $parent->title()->html(). ' » ';

this breaks the code. The page then shows no results.

I went to this.

echo html($page->parent()->title()); 

But it shows the very beginning parent. All the way down the line. When I did flip, which didn’t work in this situation. It didn’t work. Any thoughts.

I used

echo html($result->parent()->title()->flip());

Changed page with result. This worked.

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