Only show articles published by logged in user in panel

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m trying to display only articles that the logged-in user has written in the panel (i.e. is the value of the author field of said article).
The user should also be able to see all articles (also non self-written) next to that and all hooks in the config are already in place - so it’s not about restricting all access to other articles, that I have solved already. I am, however, stuck with trying to query only own articles, so the user is able to finding them faster and in a smaller box.
Here’s what I came up with by now, but I am completely clueless of how to continue :frowning:
headline: Self-published articles
type: pages
template: article
query: page(“article”).children.filterBy(page.content.get(“author”), ???)

Thanks in advance for any help!

Sections don’t work with queries in Kirby 3 (will change in Kirby 4).

What you can do (other than using the Kirby 4 alpha), is use this plugin: GitHub - rasteiner/k3-pagesdisplay-section: K3 plugin: display any page list in a section. Any parent, many parents, filtered, don't care.

Hmm, that’s a bummer :slightly_frowning_face: thank you for your quick response though :slight_smile:
I’m already looking forward to Kirby 4, but I fear, I’ll have to wait for a stable version. If I were to use the plugin, what query would I need to put in there? Is there a way to get the ID (or anything similar) of the current user? Is there some kind of a (this.), like:
page(“article”).children.filterBy(page.content.get(“author”), “*=”, ?