Omitting the empty value in a select

When I create a select field in the panel, there is always an empty value. Setting the required option to true removes the empty select option, but then I get an error from the FieldToggle plugin when it’s hidden.

Is there a way to omit the blank value without setting required to true?

There’s an open issue about this behaviour of the select field. Setting one of the options as default will fill the initial state of the select field, but indeed not remove the empty option from the list.

You’d have to fix it by extending the field yourself, I believe it’s not possible to override a core field, so you’d have to create an other one removing the culprit lines.

Or you can use the quickselect plugin.

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Thanks! The quickselect plugin seems like the best option for now. Although I can’t omit the empty value, using a placeholder adds more clarity.