Not finding page in frontend but exists in backend


All .htaccess-Files are correct. The PHP-specs are met too.
However, I’m getting the error, that the page/page-ID doesn’t exist. The pages are editable in the backend though.
Also, the pages are visible and concerning the folder structure, the folder-names start with a digit.

(See screenshot.)

Thanks for your support.

Which page is affected? Could you post the template of that page?

Unfortunately all the pages are affected.
The home page’s template below. For test purposes, there’s no PHP-Code in the header-snippet.

          <?php snippet('header') ?>
	          Home page test

What do you mean with .htaccess files (plural)?

No, sorry, singular – my bad.

If the template displayed if you remove the snippet line, so there is no PHP. code at all in your template?

Actually, I found the culprit. I manually created a folder inside the content folder called “5-Impressum” however in the PHP-snippet, I referred to it as “impressum”. So it came down to a uppercase/lowercase-mistake.

Feeling kind of silly. But hey.

Thanks anyways for your support!

Happens to all of us…

Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks texnixe, you too!