Noopener Problem

Hi all,

our editors set a few links in a blog post to open in a new window (popup: yes). These links have a “rel noopener” attached.
User complain that they can’t open the links on their phones. Can noopener be the reason for it?

Thanks you

That’s strange. What kind of mobile device?

Reason for “rel noopener”: Target="_blank" - the most underestimated vulnerability ever

Strange thing is a user reported to have this issue with an iPhone 5. I expected some crappy low budget phone with a weird browser. Anyway, I will further investigate. Thanks!

Maybe more interesting than the device would be the iOS version of that device. Or is the user using a different fancy browser maybe?

I just tested with an iPhone 5, iOS 10.2.1, no problems.

Right, a user told us that she has opened our blog post with the iOS Facebook app, like the web view in Facebook. Here the link did not work. As a quick fix we remove popup:yes.

Probably a wise choice because this sounds like a decision between security and a11y otherwise. I’ll mark this as solved, please feel free to open an issue on GitHub if you think this should be fixed in Kirby.