Disable Automatic `noreferrer` on Popup Links

I understand why noopener is appended to “popup” links, but I don’t see a compelling reason to automatically include noreferrer to these popup links as well.

I actually want referrer information to be sent on links opening in new windows, so I’d like to know how override this behavior.

I can see in the Kirby Toolkit’s html.php file where this rel attribute is getting constructed, but I’m not sure how to change this behavior (outside of directly changing the file).

Is there a clean way to override public static function a() to substitute my own behavior?

Regardless, having noreferrer automatically included seems like a bug to me.

You could overwrite all kirbytags that use the html::a() method…

Other than that, you could just use Javascript to remove the attribute, open links in the same window, write a plugin that removes the attribute after kirbytext is parsed, or edit html.php.

Note that you remove a security feature this way.