No panel::go() in Page.update:after Hook?

Hello everybody,
I am trying to redirect to a parent page called “blog” if the user changes the date year to another one as the date year before.

This is how my hook looks actually

use Kirby\Panel\Panel;
'options' => [
    'fieldName' => [
        'publishDateFieldName' => 'publish_date'
'hooks' => [
    'page.update:after' => function ($newPage, $oldPage) {

        if ($newPage->intendedTemplate() == 'blog-article') {
            $dateField = option('vendor.plugin.fieldName.publishDateFieldName');
            $oldPagePublishYear = $oldPage->$dateField()->toDate('Y');
            $newPagePublishYear = $newPage->$dateField()->toDate('Y');

            if ($oldPagePublishYear !== $newPagePublishYear) {

The date comparison works as expected, the renaming of the option field works as expected but when it comes to the Panel::go() method I get the error:

The form could not be saved
Exception: Kirby\Panel\Redirect

Is there a chance to get the redirect to work? Do I have to interact via JavaScript then? Or does anyone else have an idea? I tried an own Hook that gets triggered, when the page.update:after hook fires. But that didn’t do the trick. The error is still the same.

Maybe someone has a workaround or something?

Kindest regards

No, you cannot redirect from the hook.