No access to my assets folder

Hi all,

I learning to use kirby actually.
I have kirby startkit on the domain A.
I have kirby plainkit on the domain B.

Domain A to make test.
Domain B to create my website.

For the 2 domains I have the same Nginx configuration.

Domain A with startkit, all is ok.
Domain B, I would like to create the folder “assets” like the domain A (startkit) but I cant load my css/js etc … from it. I got a 404 not found. I dont understand why.
I search the difference between the two projet, there isn’t any.

Could you help me please ?

Domain A, in my site folder :

Domain B :

Thank you for your help

How are you loading your assets?

With the kirby method : <?= css('assets/css/styles.css' ) ?>
But I tried with html
And in my browser : https://mysite/assets/css/styles.css
Always 404 not found

I tried to make a folder like “test” , same issue
I can’t access any folder created at root

Check the folder read/write permissions, ownership.

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That’s IT !
I look the permission but I didn’t see the owner
Modified to www-data and it’s OK
Thx !