Next and previous links in a post problem (testing out Kirby to replace Wordpress)

Hi there!

I just want to say what an amazing CMS Kirby is!!! So nice, good-looking and quick. I have used Wordpress for the last 15 years and this is so refreshing!

But… I have a question still. I want to keep all the url:s I have in Wordpress currently. And they are based on the type of post like this:

Something like this.

Now I want to replicate this in Kirby. So I have the following folders in my content folder:

  • 0_took-a-photo-of
  • 1_wrote-about
  • 2_watched
  • 3_listened-to

So it gives me the url I want. I have different templates for all the different visuals on the web. But… Once I am in a post, the previous- and next-links created, only link to posts with the same template (same content subfolder).

I want to link to anything that was created after och before, not just the previous post in 0_took-a-photo-of, or 1_wrote-about, …

Is this possible at all somehow?

You can only navigate between the children of the same parent.

Possible solution: put all posts into a single parent, but still assign different templates.

Then use routing to recreate the original URLs: The power of routes | Kirby CMS

Thanks for the quick response!

I started watching the Kirby Basics series on Youtube and that one is still on my to-watch list… :grinning:

But all in one folder could work as well. The folder structure is not that important for me. It’s all nicely handled in the panel anyway.

I’ll read/watch and experiment later.

You basically need some routes like this: The power of routes | Kirby CMS, but the other way round, plus an addtional customized url method for each page model.

If you need help implementing this, just ask, we are here.