Newsletter form on multiple pages


I would like to make a newsletter subscription form (uniform plugin) that will be displayed on almost every page of the website. For a ‘normal’ contact form, i create a controller for the contact.php template. But how do i do this form a global form? The default.php controller isn’t suitable since it doesn’t load when another template controller is present.

I’d create a separate template and set the form action to such a page. In the corresponding controller you can then set up the form.

I don’t see how i can combine a home, service, about, blog, article, contact page template into one and the same template. Or am i missing something?

Thanks for your quick response!

You don’t need a separate controller for every template because the forms point to one page with the template associated with the form controller. It doesn’t matter where the forms are displayed, it’s only about the action URL.

Great! Sounds logical. Now i understand.