New Plugin: Select-A-Structure

For all those times that you want to populate a select field with options from a structure field.


Just released: Select-A-Structure v1.2.0

In this version, SAS will use the current page if you don’t define the URI of the page with the structure field, which makes it much more flexible. Also, (since v1.1.0), you can use / as the URI, and SAS will look for the structure field on the site() page.

Get it here:

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This plugin for multiple values would be great!
I have to add more than one autor to blog posts and they are coming from a structure field on the blog overview.

Maybe i’ll give this one a try: Relationship – a sortable multiselect field


Thanks @Svnt. At some point in the future I plan on adding a checkbox style to this plugin, but first I’ll have to find the time. :\

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