Need help with $page->image()z

Hi People of kirbyland,

I got a zip file and an image, Same Name with appended ‘.jpg’.

Now, when looping zip files as $zip, i want to get the Image like this:

$page->image(basename($zip->root()) . '.jpg); but this returns NULL.

What could be wrong about it?

The root() doesn’t make much sense here, you want the filename without the extension, trying to find the correct method … used to be name() in Kirby 2, but Kirby 3 I have to check.

name() still exists, so:

$page->image($zip->name() . '.jpg')

basename() still returns the extension of the zip file (or is that what you want?)

I wanted that. But from what you wrote, everything should work (given that I want to pass ‘’ to $page->image())

I’m puzzled…

There is a closing quote missing in your code above… don’t know if that is really in your code or just from copying here.

Should be:

$page->image(basename($zip->root()) . '.jpg');

I counted 3opening, 3closing. I checked my actual code, its just like you posted it…

Not parentheses, I meant the closing quote after .jpgthat is missing in your code snippet in the first post. But if it was missing, your code should throw an error…

I have no idea why you can’t fetch the file unless it is missing…

Riiiight, the missing single quote, yeah, that’s not it… I cant get my head around why its not working…

Does it work if you use a hardcoded filename?