Need help to create custom kirbytag

I’m struggling to create a custom kirbytag who looks something like this:

<figure class="content-img">
    <?php if($image = $data->image()): ?>
		<img src="<?php echo thumb($image, array(
				'width' => 480,
				'quality' => 1
			))->url(); ?>"
			 data-src="<?php echo $image->resize(1140)->url() ?>"
             class="lazyload blur-up" />
	<?php endif ?>

Any help is much appreciated!

I guess you want to pass the image filename to the Kirbytag and then print the markup you posted, right?
What exactly are you struggling with? I will try to help.

Hello Lukas,

yes exactly!

I got this gist but I’m not sure how to start with my much simpler example.
It would be really nice to point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

Try something like this (untested):


kirbytext::$tags['figure'] = [
  'html' => function($tag) {
    $attr = $tag->attr('figure');
    $image = $tag->file($attr);
    if(!$image) return '';
    $figure = new Brick('figure');
    $img = new Brick('img');
    $img->attr('src', thumb($image, array('width' => 480, 'quality' => 1))->url());
    $img->attr('data-src', $image->resize(1140)->url());
    $img->attr('alt', '');
    $img->attr('title', '');
    $img->attr('class', 'lazyload blur-up');
    return $figure;
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Awesome, thanks Lukas!

Works perfectly …