My first steps with Kirby

You’re right, sorry. I was in a rush and didn’t try to understand. So I will try with my poor coding skills. Sorry for you, I will haunt that forum.

Thank you so much flokosiol for the[quote=“flokosiol, post:10, topic:3316”]
starting point

I’ve followed what you’ve mentionned but I’m still in the Darkness.

Basically, I would like to start with the fotograf theme I’ve bought and add some functionnality (a menu with subsection and slideshow for examples) from an other theme.

So I’ve changed the pages = true as flokosiol said
Then, I’ve added “folder.php” . The code is quite simple :

site/templates/folder.php →
<?php go($pages->findOpen()->children()->visible()->first()->url()) ?>

but that’s changing nothing in my navigation menu… I can’t show up a child page

I’ll dig up
Now I know that it would not be done with a snap !