Multisite errors

I’m doing a multisite setup. I got the site.txt working, but I bump into some issues. I hope someone can help me with this:

  1. As homepage it renders the “site.txt.” information, does anyone know why this is rendered instead of the “home” folder?

  2. The following line is giving the error: “Call to a member function children() on boolean”

<?php $articles = page('agenda')->children()->visible()->filterBy('date', '>=', strtotime("-1 day"));?>

Probably some relative path problem? Or is this something else?

This is all a bit outside my knowledge, but great to learn! Your help is much appreciated!

If the call to children() throws an error, that means the page('agenda') is not a page object. So check if that page really exists in /content, or if it is nested further down the page tree, you have to provide the complete path to the page: page('all/parents/agenda').

As for your first issue, without actually knowing what exactly you are doing, I can’t help.

Super late reply from my side, sorry.
I get your point. I decided to just have 3 separate installs. Because the controllers could not be shared (and yes, I could not get it to work :smile: ) I just update the templates by hand and have a shared css file.