Multiple selection of pages inside link button


I was trying to link a specific page with the link button, but I don’t understand why the button keep select multiple pages instead of one. What is this due to? How and why does the ‘link’ button connect the pages when I select them?


Ok it seems all the blue-selected pages have the same Uuid. I’m trying now to understand how to change them in all of these pages

You can use the Kirby cli for this i beleive. GitHub - getkirby/cli: Kirby Command Line Interface

Run the UID remove command fast i would say, and the UID generate command to reapply the uids to the pages.

Hm, but that would remove all UUIDs and kill all existing relations…

Yes, probably should have mentioned that is a bit of a nuclear option. But if its not a very large site and you dont have many relationships between pages based on UIDs then it shouldnt be too hard to fix.

The cli does allow for the creation of custom commands i think so if you wanted to go more granular you could probably make custom cli command that fixes UIDs of a given parent page and all its children, or whatever makes sense for your project.

Thanks for your replies, I’ve chose to edit all my Uuid of my pages manually by replacing all the last two charatcters with random letters…and it works! Thank you for the explanations