Multiple children with multiple parent in section

in site.yml I need to merge in sections/slides two different pages’childes.

To be clear:
I have a page called events and a page called projects.
I would like to keep them separated so every single children will have an url referring to his main page (events/myevent and projects/myproject).

All the “published” children of events and projects must appear on the main dashboard and on the same list inside the sections/slides.

I can have multiple templates but they will be parented with the site root… I need instead an add button that make me choose the right template keeping the right parent, so if I choose the event template it will appear on the slides section list but it will be also parented with events, instead the project template added in the dashboard slides section will have the projects parent.

Any help? Thank you!

This is not possible out of the box. One section can only have one parent. Why do they have to appear in a single list? If they do have to appear in a single list, why don’t you put them into a single parent, taking care of the URLs with routes?

If it was just displaying the pages, you could use this plugin:

But it doesn’t allow you to add new pages.

Maybe you can create a custom section based on the above with a custom create modal that stores the page in the right parent depending on template.

Thank you! I will have a look!