Multilanguage detect language when entering via subpage


Two languages configured: en and de.

When I visit it forwards me to the correct language slug, depending on my browser language: or (default language)

However if I visit a subpage url with the same slug for both languages (for example a perosnal name that doesn’t get translated) without a language slug it always forwards me to the default language version of the subpage:

With my browser language set to German, visiting forwards me to Intended forward:

Language detection works on only homepage (/) as you can see in code comment on line 128

I saw that but I couldn’t believe that this is the intended default behavior. I understand that redirecting to

might not be a good idea. But to[detected-language-slug]/famous-actor

would make sense, wouldn’t it? It is an edge case because a lot of slugs can be translated and translated slugs do get redirected to the correct language.

If you want to redirect all pages to their equivalent in the detected languages, you can achieve this with routes. Kirby doesn’t do this automatically.