Multi-word tags with spaces not working

Hello hello,

Starting with Blogprint as the base for a site, I am having trouble getting multi-word tags with a space in them (eg. Self Organisation) to generate a working link. Single words working fine.

Reading other posts I think it’s something to do with urlencode and urldecode, but am still struggling after many suggestions.

In the controllers:

if(isset($data['tag'])) {
    $tag = urldecode($data['tag']);
    $posts = $posts->filterBy('tags', urldecode(param('tag')), ',');
    $archiveTitle = ' for tag "' . $tag . '"';

In the tags list:

<?php $tags = getTagsArchive(); if($tags->count() > 0): ?>
  <?php foreach($tags as $tag): ?>
      <a href="<?= $site->url() ?><?php echo $tag->url() ?>">
        <?php echo ucwords($tag->name()) ?>
  <?php endforeach ?>

This currently gives links such as which comes up with no results. Trying to put urlencode into the tags list (and other suggestions I found) stop the list from appearing at all, give the base url of the site, and other non-working scenarios.

I’ve been reading and trying everything I can find on here and still seem to be doing something wrong, some fresh eyes would be amazing.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Your link should look similar to this:

<a href="<?= url('blog/tag:' . urlencode($tag))?>"><?php echo $tag ?></a>

(Apart from the blog page bit ...)

When I use that I get β€œ” as the URL with nothing after tags.

Previously all the single word working links are posts/tag/tagname, not posts/tag:tagname

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