Multi-language site: get fields within blocks in another/default language

Here’s my issue: some of my blocks have beside content fields (e.g. text) also fields which are styling or layout related (e.g. title centered). Those fields should be of course in sync in every language to have the frontends in every language identically too. My idea was to set field translate: false, this however would not solved the problem, that I can not access the default language field with something like ->content('en')->myField() as I would do with page fields. Do I make this to complicated? Is there a better way for this purpose?

The translate option really only makes sense on the (main) field level, i.e. the blocks field itself, because the individula blocks in a blocks field in one language have no connection to the blocks in other languages (in that they are similar to a structure field). The order, number and type of blocks can be totally different per translation.