Mixed content issues with panel

After updating a site to Kirby 3.6.5, when visiting the panel from the https://domain.com/panel/login URL, it is loading mixed content (non-https) from http://domain.com/...

I’ve tried explicitly setting the URL in the config to https://domain.com as per the docs but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. Is there a a way to debug what is happening or am I missing something?

Are you enforcing https in your .htaccess or server configuration? Which resources are loaded via http?

It’s a dokku setup which should redirect http to https automatically via its nginx template by default.

The panel assets (css, js etc) are all being loaded from http:// while the page itself is on https://

What’s odd is visiting the panel from http redirects it to https but then the resources are subsequently loaded from http (and visible in the page source as http). Then loading any of these resources directly in browser from http also auto-redirects to the https version and it loads correctly.

Source snippet on https://domain.com/panel/login

For what it’s worth, reverting Kirby to 3.5.8 fixes the issue.

Maybe this is related? Kirby in Dokku broken with recent update

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Ah I see, I think you are correct, thank you! I will refer to that thread then.