Markdown / kirbytext in user fields

I added some custom fields to my panel users.
When I try to parse textarea fields to kirbytext it throws an error

<?= $u->bio()->kirbytext(); ?>
Fatal error: Call to a member function kirbytext() on string in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/dkr2016/site/templates/wie.php on line 13

If I leave out the kirbytext() it works just fine but markdown isn’t converted into html (asterisks ** instead of displaying bold).


<?= kirbytext($u->bio()); ?>

Awesome, this works! Thank you!

Any particular reason why the other way does not work?

As the error message suggest, $u->bio() returns just a string instead of an object. And you can’t use the field method on a string, but the kirbytext helper does accept a string.

I wonder what it would take to unify the capacity of field methods vs helpers. Is it even something to consider ?

The question is rather why a user field does not return the same kind of field object as a normal content field.

But I also wouldn’t mind being able to use $something['index]->kirbytext() instead of kirbytext($something[‘index’]). Is there any specific reason that comes to mind for the different behavior ?

Sorry if the topic is sliding away… I can take this discussion somewhere else.

A string is not an object. ->somemethod() is object notation for a non-static method. An object’s methods are defined in a class.

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