Manual sorting of images does not work

I am trying to get images to show up in a manually sorted order in my front end, which does not work.

In my template I use

    $imgs = $site->homePage()->images()->sortBy('sort');

    <?php foreach ($imgs as $img): ?>
      <img src="<?= $img->url() ?>" alt="">
    <?php endforeach ?>

I realize this does not work since the images do not have a sort field in their accompanying text file (as I had in past projects). However, I am unable to find out how to automatically add this sort field, so the images can get sorted.

Help would be appreciated, thanks!

The sort field is added when you manually sort images in the Panel.

That’s what I initially thought as well. However, I sorted images in the panel and it still does not add a sort field to the images’ text files. Any idea what could be wrong?

Is it a single or multi language site? Does really none of the images get a sorting number when you drag&drop them into another position?

Are you using a files section? Or a files field?

It’s a single language site. Not a single one of the images gets a sorting field. I am using a file section.

I am using this file section in the site.yml file and use a parent:"home") field with it, I wonder if that’s related to the issue?

Could you please post the blueprint?

Here is the complete blue print:

title: Site

  - width: 3/4
        headline: Bilder
        type: files
        template: image
        layout: cards
        size: tiny
        limit: 100
        empty: Noch keine Bilder hinzugefügt.

  - width: 1/4
        label: Name
        type: text
        label: Telefon
        type: tel
        label: Email
        type: email

Hm, yes, I can reproduce this with 3.3.4. Are you using the same version?

There is already an issue:

I am using 3.3.2, but I guess since the issue is still open, there is no fix yet.

What would be my easiest way to work around that for now? The only thing I need to achieve is to have a files section on the first (‘site’) page of the panel. Any way to achieve this without the parent option?

Try to not set the parent option, then files are stored in the site instead of the given page (in my test this worked). Not useful, if you actually want to store the images in the home folder, though.

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Ok, thanks, this easy fix works great for me in my specific case. Was not quite aware that the site itself can also hold media files.
Do I leave this question marked as issue or should I mark it as solved as there is already a GitHub issue to track the bug?

Let’s leave it marked as an issue, so we can track this once the issue is solved.

Hello had kirby 3.3.3 an I had this issue, updated to 3.3.5 and still have.
No sort data is saved in image.jpg.txt file
It just changes the sort order of the names of the images in the property.txt file

Can I do anything to solve it?

Thank You

In my template I have:

     <?php foreach($page->images()->sortBy('sort') as $image): ?>

<?php echo $page->title()->html() ?>

                <?php endforeach ?>

My Blueprint:
title: Property

  draft: true
  listed: true

  - width: 1/2
        label: Text
        type: textarea
        size: large
        label: Meta Description
        type:  text
        icon:  info-circle

  - width: 1/2
        label: Código Buscador 
        type: text
        label: Código Calendario
        type: text
        label: Imagenes
        type: files
        layout: cards
        uploads: image
          ratio: 8/4
          cover: true
        min: 1
        size: small

And Blueprint Image:
title: Image

  mime: image/jpeg, image/png

  - width: 1/2
        type: fields
            label: Caption
            type: textarea
            size: medium
  - width: 1/2
        type: fields
            label: Alternative Text
            type: text
            label: Photogapher
            type: text
            width: 2/3
            label: License
            type: select
            width: 1/3
              - Unsplash
              - CC BY 4.0
              - CC BY-SA 4.0
              - CC BY-NC 4.0
              - CC BY-ND 4.0
            label: Link
            type: urlPreformatted text

@bootbricks You are using a files field, not a files section. A files field is basically a select field for files and stores the selected files in the page’s content file. Sorting the order of these files doesn’t change the sort field in the file meta data.

More information field vs section: http://getkirby.test/docs/cookbook/setup/kirby-in-a-nutshell#sections-or-fields__files-section-vs-files-field

Great! Thank You
Maybe that should be written in that page too:

Thank You