Mailto in url fields

In some blueprints i’m using a urlField to create a dedicated sign up button in the frontend. now the question came up from the client why its not possible to use a mailto: url there. Personally i like the idea of having a urlField which also validates mailto: input (optionally) as i think this is a common use case and better than falling back to simple textfield without validation.

I’m also aware that is in the making.

i think you could create an issue or idea issue to accept mailto: as an valid url schema not just http(s)://. this way your input would be a valid url.

but maybe thats not a good idea since then a lot of custom schemas like skype, slack etc might be requested. but probably the devs will respond to that.

I’m already using the Link Field in one of my client projects. I’d suggest trying it out as it worked flawlessly for my use case.

The only thing preventing me from removing the “WIP” is the weird Uncaught TypeError in the console.

yes, i thought about discussing it here first. maybe there are intentions behind limiting it to http(s).
my proposal to the validation it would be: make it as general as possible by following the definition ->

you can still add an optional list in the blueprint which acts as a whitelist to the schema

type: url
  - http
  - email
type: url
  - email
  - skype
  - phone
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