Loop though draft-pages

Hi all, Im probably asking a dumb question. But i can’t figure it out.
I want to loop though the ‘drafts’ pages, but i get nothing, hope anyone can give me a quick hint!
all i get is below, but cant loop through them…

object(Kirby\Cms\Pages)#252 (0) { } object(Kirby\Cms\Pages)#266 (0) { } object(Kirby\Cms\Pages)#285 (0) { } object(Kirby\Cms\Pages)#290 (0) { } object(Kirby\Cms\Pages)#294 (0) { } object(Kirby\Cms\Pages)#299 (0) { } object(Kirby\Cms\Pages)#305 (0) { } object(Kirby\Cms\Pages)#310 (0) { }

         $draftpages = $pages->drafts();


         foreach ($draftpages as $item):

Depends what drafts you want to fetch:

To get first level drafts, i.e. draft children of the site object

$drafts = $site->drafts();

To get the draft children of the given page or a specific page

$pageDrafts  = $page->drafts();
$notesDrafts = page('notes')->drafts();

To get all drafts of the complete site

$allDraftsWhereverTheyAre = $site->index()->drafts();

Thank you, this helpes me a lot to better understand.

I understand now i had to use $site instead of $page!