Looking for the 3.0 solution to user field permissions

Hi there,

I was searching and did not find a working solution / doc, only a broken link to the olds docs: custom-user-form-fields

What I am trying to do sounds quite simple to me: a non-admin user should be stopped from editing / seeing / saving (I don’t really care for now) certain fields.
How do I go about that?


It was never possible in K2 to prevent editing individual fields? Nor is this possible in Kirby 3.

The broken link refers to this page: https://k2.getkirby.com/docs/panel/users#custom-user-form-fields from the K2 docs and is about adding custom user form fields.

Thanks for the link! :slight_smile:
I wasn’t saying that it was possible, I just hoped it was :wink:

Can anyone suggest a way?
Can we for example somehow deactivate a field or make it so, it doesn’t get updated when saving the site, whenever a certain role is logged in?

If I am dumb here and there just is no way, please pardon me and I will have to live with it :sweat_smile:

Something like that should be possible with a custom field.

So, let’s say I created a field ‘headline’ in ‘site/blueprints/fields/headline.yml’ which is used in a
page blueprint ‘site/blueprints/pages/mypage.yml’…
Is this what you mean by ‘custom field’? I only found this bit and unfortunately I am not quite sure what a custom field is, still.
Sorry for being bothersome… :zipper_mouth_face:

With a custom field I mean a field plugin, you own field type that either stores a value or not depending on user role.

Thank you, that was exactly what I was looking for. :slight_smile: