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Hi, I’m looking for a cms that can work as a blog with html sites.

I normally customise html templates as it speeds up the process. Is it possible to create a blog based on the design of an existing site.

As an example I have build a site using ‘fitbone’ template. Link to the html blog template: Blog - Fit Bone - Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy Center HTML5 Template

Thank You

On the frontend, you can do anything you like, of course you would have to adapt such HTML templates to use PHP for the logic to pull in the content (.html becomes .php)

For example. where you have repetetive stuff in the HTML template, ie. the markup for a list of articles, these would be replace with a foreach loop in PHP etc.

Thanks for the reply,

I’ve never used Kirby, do you think it’s possible for me to learn it and do what your suggesting within a couple of weeks.


Unless you want to do fancy stuff, it should be doable, the basic stuff is just echoing content, running through loops and a few if-statements. With the help of the Kirby screencasts and the docs, you should be up to speed quite quickly. At least if you like learning new things. But you should be the better judge than me, since I don’t even know you.

Appreciate the help pixelijn. Would fancy stuff refer to the page layout of the link in my first post.

Preferably, I’d like it to be exactly as the html design, but if I can get it something like it, that would do.


No, with fancy stuff I meant complicated logic.

The most difficult part when using such HTML templates as a basis is to get your content structure right. Where do you store what, in which form…