Login with oAuth SSO (google & facebook)


Recently have look for a CMS with social login sign, i have try GravCMS, it’s nice CMS but that need to use Gantry for nice experience of content management in admin panel.

I discover Kirby, is pretty, and the admin panel is perfect for my project. I need to protect a section pages, i have make it and that work fine, but i want propose google and facebook for login too.

With GravCMS, it’s very easy to implement this feature with this plugin https://github.com/getgrav/grav-plugin-login-oauth

Do you know a solution / plugin / tutorial for make it on Kirby ? Apparently, the 2.5 version have loginPasswordless() method for implement.


There is no up-to-date plugin for Kirby that I’m aware of, only a very old one that might server as a starting point to developing your own plugin: https://github.com/sbstjn/kirbycms-oauth-consumer

Yes, passwordless login is the way to go.

I need more pratice on Kirby , i finishing to adding standard registration for the moment. I look your link, i think is a good way, because twitter example can be tested on localhost with SSO.