Locale for Spanish-speaking countries

Hi Kirby community!

I am just setting up Kirby with a 3rd language, Spanish. Like this:

    'code'    => 'es',
    'name'    => 'Español',
    'locale'  => 'es_ES',
    'url'     => '/es',

The language version is meant for all Spanish-speaking countries, not only for Spain. I wonder if the “locale” is wrong in that case? Or what is the correct value here?

Thanks and best,

I think I’d set the locale to the version of the language variant I’m actually using. Like when I write German, it is German German, not Austrian German, although someone from Austria or Switzerland will probably read that version rather than English. If you use a more neutral Latin American version of Spanish, you could probably use ‘en_LA’.

Google speaks about “country based language variations”. As you do not want to create a specific version for Spain but one for every spanish speaker I would just go for es.

Later you can add a specific version for Mexico and Spain, those would be es_ES and es_MX - you can still keep your generic spanish version for all other spanish speakers. Im your Spanish for Spain you could change the Currency Symbol to €uro and in spanish for Mexico you could change it to Pesos.

Thanks you both, good input for further research. That helped!