Loading models in external scripts

I have a script that handles a bunch of searching and filtering. It’s in /assets/php/do_search.php, so not part of kirby’s core. So, I start it up with:

require($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . DS . 'kirby' . DS . 'bootstrap.php');
$kirby = kirby();
$site = $kirby->site();
$params = $_POST;

I’m able to use Kirby throughout, filtering through pages and returning succinct results. Instead of returning the entire page as a search result, I just return a few strings:

$filtered_result_arr['title'] = (string)$filtered_result->title();
$filtered_result_arr['author'] = (string)$filtered_result->parent()->title();
$filtered_result_arr['categories'] = (string)$filtered_result->get_categories();
$filtered_result_arr['url'] = "/" . (string)$filtered_result->uri();

This is all working, except for the get_categories() function - which is included in the template’s model. I’ve included $site->load('models') at the beginning of the script - but this seems to have no effect.

Is there anything I can do here to access the models?

A more robust solution would be to use a route inside a Kirby plugin. You can even use the same URL for the route. :smiley:

I think the syntax for loading models should be $kirby->models() though.